520 Montreal Pitbull Owners To Receive Their Banning Letter


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Over the years there has been no shortage of controversy surrounding the Pit Bulls both in Montreal and all over the world. Those who know Pit Bulls or own them advocate for the gentle, loyal nature of the dogs; while others argue that they are far too dangerous and unpredictable to be kept as pets and brought into public spaces. Montreal has been back-and-forthing on the issue for quite some time and has even gone so far as to ban the dogs in the past. Well, the controversy is not over. Montreal's Pit Bull owners have been served a letter stating their dogs must leave our city. The letter goes on to say that those who do not comply could face fines and seizures. Weigh in, Montreal! Do you believe that Pit Bulls should be banned in our city? Or do you feel the should be treated as any other dog breed is? 

Source: https://goo.gl/FnJzmR


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