An Interview with Gareth Emery: What to Expect at Bal en Blanc 2016!

Gareth Emery will give you '100 Reasons to Live' at this year's event


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Looking for another reason to get stoked for Bal en Blanc 2016? We've got your answer: Gareth Emery. In case you haven't heard about him, Gareth Emery is an English EDM producer and DJ who has been ranked in DJ Magazine's Top 100 poll since 2006. This guy seriously knows his way around a track, and he's excited to share his latest stuff with us at this year's Bal en Blanc in Montreal.

We sat down with Gareth to get a taste of what's in store.

"I'm so excited!" he told us about his set for Bal en Blanc. "I've been wanting to play it forever, so this chance is amazing."

Gareth's motto is "a good melody can change the world," and he certainly lives up to those standards with his recent releases. Fans have been dying to hear more. Gareth has sold over 5 million records in his sparkling career and he has a whopping Facebook following of over 4 million. This DJ is beloved worldwide. How lucky are we to host him in our wonderful (though snowy) city?

Gareth's musical influences stem from a wide range of music interests growing up.

"I listened to Mozart, Beethoven, lots of jazz and blues, and bands like Oasis, Blur, everything. I've always been into a lot of different styles of music," he recalled. You can hear some of these influences on his new album, "100 Reasons to Live," which will be released April 1, 2016.

"It took about 18 months of really hard production to make it happen," he said about the new release. "There are songs in there that were written a lot further in the past. There's one track called 'Make It Happen,' which I did a demo of back in 2011. So it took me five years to finally get a license to release it."

So what is in store for us on Sunday, March 27th?

"It's going to be an album-heavy set. There will probably be 6 or 7 tracks from [100 Reasons to Live]. If people are coming to hear my new stuff, they'll be happy!" he said.

We asked about which tracks he is really amped about:

“’Reckless' is a big one! There’s a fantastic Standerwick remix of it that everyone’s been really hyped on. There’s also another track called ‘Lost,’ which not everyone has heard yet so that will also be a big one.”

Gareth’s tracks feature a number of vocal artists, and we were curious if there was anyone in specific that he loved to work with.

“They were ALL super fun to work with so it’s hard to pick one over the others. Though, I always enjoy working with Christina Novelli. There’s always something special about working with her. When the fans see what we do together they’re always pretty excited.”

Of course, we also had to ask what Gareth likes best about Montreal!

“The food in Montreal is amazing. As a kid we spent a lot of time in France, so French food is something I’m really into. It doesn’t tend to be that good everywhere in the world, but when I’m in Montreal I tend to go a little bit crazy. Also, just walking around the Old Port, it’s just such a beautiful city. Fortunately I fly late the day after Bal en Blanc so I get to spend the day,” he said.

So while Gareth is looking forward to eating some amazing food, checking out the city, and playing us some amazing tracks, what should we look forward to?

“A lot of new music, and we’ve been working hard on great visuals in sync with the new music. It’s going to be a great looking show.”

So there you have it! This is a set you do not want to miss. Get your Bal en Blanc tickets ASAP if you haven’t already.


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