5 Shows in Montreal This Week (February 6-12, 2017)

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I know the weather sucks lately, but you only need to survive the trip from the metro to the venue. Layer up and check out some of thesweet shows happening this week! You won't regret it. 

Priests @ Casa del Popolo
Feb 6 
Photo Cred: trbmq

Priests are a guaranteed good time. If you like punk, then you really shouldn't miss this one. It's on a Monday, but your Tuesday morning at work will be a bummer either way. May as well blow off some steam the night before.

Valerie June @ Club Soda
Feb 8 

Photo Cred: The Wilbur

Valerie June is an Americana singer-songwriter with a beautiful voice. You'll feel like you're being transported to a different time! Her music is a mix of blues, folk, soul, gospel, and probably even more. Don't miss her!

Jason Lee Jackson @ Le Balcon Cabaret
Feb 9
Photo Cred: Youtube
Jason Lee Jackson will transport you back to the disco era. Get ready to dance! This show will be all about fun.

Arkells @ Metropolis
Feb 11
Photo Cred: Dine Alone Records
You already know the Arkells, I'm sure. It's super exciting that they're coming to Montreal this week! Grab your tickets before they all sell out. Metropolis is huge, but it can't hold everybody!

Bearings @ Casa del Popolo
Feb 12
Photo cred: Tumblr

Bearings are a band from Ottawa, Ontario who are coming through Montreal before they make their way to Toronto. They'll be playing with Brigades, a band coming from London, England!


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