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Considering the vibrant, eclectic music scene in Montreal, there is a necessity for great music stores where artists can look at new gear, try stuff out, and make purchases. While a lot of gear acquisition these days happens at places like Craigslist, Kijiji, and Trade Hole, not to mention online, there is obviously still a large place in the music scene for traditional music stores. Here are three of the best ones Montreal has to offer. 

 Steve’s Music - 51 St Antoine West

 Steve’s is a chain of music stores that stretches across Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto, but it began in Montreal back in the ‘60s and remains in the same location to this day, now taking up almost an entire block. The selection is crazy, so it’s a good place to look around and get inspired. 

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Moog Audio - St Laurent

Is there a consensus on how to pronounce it yet? Anyway, Moog is a great spot if you’re into synths, keyboards, or electronic music, but they have all kinds of guitars and bases and other instruments too. 


Diplomate Musique - 311 Beaubien Eastyul

Maybe not the best known music store in Montreal, this spot has a great selection of really nice used guitars and they’re priced reasonably and the staff are totally helpful and accommodating. 

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