3 Fantastic Microbreweries in Montreal

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Want to get a taste of what Montreal has to offer in the beer department? With so many great local brews, it can be hard to choose just one place to go. I'll help you narrow it down to 3 of my favourite local microbreweries in the city. 

Brutopia- 1219 Rue Crescent

You might not know Brutopia is serving up their own brews, even if you've been there! It's such a student favourite that you may have written it off with all the other local pubs and bars. Brutopia has live music, three levels, and delicious food! Not to mention fantastic house-made beers.

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Dieu du Ciel!- 29 Avenue Laurier Ouest

Dieu du Ciel! is a local favourite among beer snobs. They always have a wide selection of delicious homegrown beers, and exotic imports! The atmosphere is super chill, but sometimes the music can get a little loud so make sure you're not with a quiet-talker! 

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Brasserie Artisanale L'Amere A Boire Inc- 2049 Rue Saint-Denis

This pub not only makes its own brews, but they also serve up house-made pretzels! They have a delicious food menu, and their selection of beers is really big. You've got to try this one!

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