10 Photos to Remind You What to Do in Montreal This Spring

This is what we have to look forward to... any day now



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What are you most looking forward to in Montreal this spring? Having trouble remembering what spring feels like? Yeah, me too. It's nearly April and we still have snow on the ground but I'm really hopeful that someday soon we'll all wake up and there will be buds on the trees and that sweet smell of spring in the air! Hopefully these 10 photos will to remind you how the city comes alive in the warm weather. Here's what we're most looking forward to:

1. Patio Season

Uuuuuugh, I would kill just to sit outdoors in the sun and eat and drink and love my life again.

Cred: @Montcalmsamcon

2. Picnics in the park

Just, like, being outside in general.

Cred: @ktsnapshots

3. Outdoor markets

Not to mention fresh local produce and flowers!

Cred: @Katherinelalancette

4. The return of Bixis

Love 'em or hate 'em I am OVER the STM 

Cred: @Jamesrhardman

5. Running "The Stairs"

TBH I hate working out, but nothing is more satisfying than running the stairs a bunch and then collapsing in the Jeanne-Mance Park.

Cred: @Tania_dit

6. Shameless indulgence

After going for a nice run theres nothing like ruining yourself on seasonal delights. Sorry not sorry.

Cred: @Jennyfromdablockk

7. La. Freaking. Ronde

Sometimes when I'm bored I just go down to the deserted gates of La Ronde and moan. Can't wait for the grand reopening!

Cred: @Leeleepouxx

8. Festival overload

My body is ready. 

Cred: @Oliviaboisvert_

9. The grand reopening of seasonal hideaways

A ton of awesome spots close their doors in the winter. Can't wait to welcome back our fairweather watering holes!

Cred: @Annstyfe


Thats all. Just sangria in general. 

Cred: @N_on_Mackay


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