5 of the Best Study Spots for a Concordia Student

Why stick to the library?



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You're a student. Your time is divided between studying and trying to work up the energy to study. You've been to all those quiet glass rooms in the library and you're sick of watching some guy pull hairs out of his binder rings.

Yeah, I've been there too. Sometimes you've got to mix things up a little. Here are five chill spots to get some work done on campus.

H Building 7th Floor

The 7th floor of the Henry F Hall building used to be where Grey Nuns residents ate all of their meals. It was really hectic and annoying up there, but now there's just a huge study space where the caf used to be. Sit near the end of one of the long tables so you can snag an outlet!

Cafe X

Maybe I'm biased because my friends work at both Cafe X locations, but I think they're great for getting some work done. It's usually not super busy, and the staff is chill about you hanging for longer than it takes to drink a coffee.

The Hive

The Hive is great if you want to grab a bite to eat while you do your work. Most of their food is really healthy too, which is supposed to be good for your brain? There's a lot of table space at the back and usually, it's super quiet since everyone else is working too.

EV Building Higher Levels

The EV building is sneaky. It seems like a wide open space, and mostly you'll be in there to get to the tunnel or the gym. But if you take a right into the elevators, there are a bunch of floors with great seating areasand they're usually completely empty!

The Greenhouse

The greenhouse is a bit of a popular place, especially among hipsters, so you might have trouble finding a day when it's empty. However, it's still a great space to do work. It's super peaceful and even if it's crowded, everyone is usually just reading or like, sketching pictures of Pabst cans. Check it out!


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