5 Amazing coffee shops to go to when in Montreal

All you need is love.. and a cup of coffee.


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We don't know if you've noticed, but Montreal's café scene is positively amazing. Delicious coffee, wonderful atmospheres, cozy ambiances, and great vibes all around. This being said, it can be tough to choose the perfect café on any given day with the overwhelming selection Montreal has to offer. If you are looking to get some work done, enjoy an amazing hot beverage, or find a great place for a date or hang out, we've got you covered! We've sifted through some of the best Montreal cafés and come up with 5 that you'll never regret going to. So, if you're ever on the hunt of an awesome café in Montreal, these are the perfect choices. Get your (caffeine) buzz on at one of these 5 Montreal cafés.  


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