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Montreal has a lot to offer. We have great art, rich culture, and delicious food. But speaking of food, there's one thing in Montreal that isn't so delicious. Pizza.

How is it possible that such a diverse and lively city can miss the mark with one of the most iconic late night foods? Pizza is a staple in every college student, single person, and onesie-clad homebody's diet. New York is famous for it. But when you're in the mood for a slice in Montreal, it's hard to find anything close to satisfying.

Let's begin by going through the different types of pizza that are available in Montreal. There's the dry doughy slice with way too much crust, the over-dressed pizza with mounds of topping that just fall right off, and finally there's the sad flat slice, that you'll barely know you ate. A variation on the sad flat slice is the insanely greasy sad flat slice.

So what does make a good slice? In my opinion, a good piece of pizza is hot, saucy, cheesy but not too cheesy, and has 2-3 fresh toppings. Preferably, pepperoni under the cheese. Those poor Montreal slices are just drying out all day under fluorescent bulbs, ready to make you feel sluggish. There's never enough sauce, the cheese slides right off when you take a bite, and the toppings are shrivelled and flavourless.

Oh, there's one kind of Montreal pizza I forgot to mentionthe expensive slice. In addition to by-the-slice restaurants, Montreal also has gourmet pizzas, but good luck affording one. Even if you're willing to shell out the cash for the fine dining experience, it won't be that classic late night slice you're craving. 


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