5 Things You Didn't Know About Beachclub

This list will leave you with no excuse to not be at Beachclub


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Beachclub has been generating a whole lot of buzz lately. Not only will they be hosting Kylie Jenners 18th birthday party on August 16th, but Justin Bieber will also make an appearance the following weekend. TMZ referred to Beachclub as “Canada’s answer to Ibiza.”Wanting to learn more about Beachclub and the people behind it, we headed out there to sit down with owner, Olivier Primeau, and two members of his team, Sarah and Andrew. 

Walking into Beachclub for the first time, I was immediately impressed that a place like this exists just 30 minutes from downtown Montreal. It’s as if you’re at a tropical beach resort. There’s no question why people travel from all over to experience the venue. They’ve got 48 palm trees from Miami, real sand, cabanas, a pool, a beachfront, and so much more.

The Primeau family purchased Beachclub in January of 2015 and transformed it into the dreamlike getaway it is today. Primeau explained that he’s always been huge fan of EDM, and fell in love with outdoor music festivals at Ultra Miami. He has been a business man since his early 20s, so it’s no surprise that he and his family saw a great deal of potential in Beachclub. With top-of-the-line sound systems and the vibe of a mini-festival, Primeau and his team have built something to suit their passions. Everyone should experience Beachclub at least once.  

We wanted to dig deeper into what this was all about and what they offer. Here are 5 things you may not know about Beachclub: 

1. Family Beach:

There’s more to Beachclub than popping bottles. In fact, it caters to the entire family. Beachclub tries to be as inclusive as possible by creating an environment suitable to everyone. Kids, teens, and adults of all ages are welcome to come and spend a day at the Pointe-Calumet Beach. You’ll find bars and BBQs just steps away, inflatable games for kids, guaranteed safe swimming water, and a ton of sports and activities to keep the little ones occupied. View rates here.

2. Cable Park:

Now this is something that made me stop and stare. Basically, to the untrained eye, it looks like a zip-lining and wakeboarding hybrid. This eco-friendly park is a way for water-sports enthusiasts to practice without a boat and in an affordable manner. You can knee board, wake board, or water ski through obstacles, rails, and ramps. It’s also safe as can be! View rates here.

3. Lounge Terrace:

Though Beachclub is a massive chill-zone, this is certainly the chillest part. The back terrace has a separate DJ booth, tables where you can sit, eat, drink, smoke shisha, or just regroup after an afternoon of dancing in the sun. 

4. Yoga:

You don’t have to pay thousands of dollars for a yoga retreat on a beach. You don’t even have to get on a plane. Jump in your car or on the Metro and in minutes you can be practicing a Vinyasa on a beautiful beachfront. Or you can give SUP Yoga a try (Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga). Paddleboard Yoga is extremely beneficial as it requires balance and really hits the core. Why not work on your bikini body while you’re already on the beach? View rates here

5. Oasis:

This exciting new project is going to change the face of Beachclub as we know it. Beach club's Oasis is a mobile mini-version of Beachclub and it will be touring North America. This Oasis includes a pool, terraces, and lounges that can be set up on land or in the water. This is the first mobile Beachclub and it sounds unreal. Check it out here

Whether you like to drink Belvedere poolside, skate ramps, or read a good book, you’re welcome at Beachclub!

Check out Olivier’s website, follow his Instagram, and get to Beachclub today!



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