4 Restaurants to Get Delicious Vegetarian Poutine in Montreal

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The idea that poutine is somehow lacking if its gravy isn’t meat-based is antiquated. There are tons of Montreal restaurants that are offering delicious poutine that vegetarians and even vegans can eat with a clear conscience, although at some places you have to specifically ask for the vegetarian gravy, and sometimes you’ve got to pay more for it. That’s life, I guess. Here are some of the best vegetarian poutines in Montreal.

Patati Patata - 4177 Saint Laurent
A place equally known for its cheap hamburgers and super friendly staff as it is for poutine, Patati Patata is open until 2 in the morning, serving their delicious Patatine. The Patatine is a vegetarian poutine that has mushrooms, onions, and bell peppers on it, as well as a single olive.
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Chez Claudette - 351 Laurier
This one involves a bit of a compromise if you’re a vegan, because Chez Claudette doesn’t have vegan cheese even though two of their gravies are vegan. However, if you’re just a vegetarian, you’re good to go on probably Montreal’s best poutine. 

Lola Rosa - 4581 Parc
Lola Rosa is known for serving up vegetarian and vegan comfort food that is filling and tastes delicious, so it’s no surprise that their vegetarian poutine, with mushroom and black bean gravy, is extremely good.

La Banquise - 993 Rachel
The obvious pick, as probably Montreal’s most famous poutine spot, but they’ve got vegetarian gravy if you ask for it, and their poutine La Rachel will give you bell peppers, mushrooms, and onions in a huge pile, which is about as good as it gets. 
Credit: La Banquise


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