5 Fashion Trends You Will Only See at Concordia

For Better or For Worse?



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Even if you're not a Concordia student, there's a pretty good chance you've seen some of these styles around Guy-Concordia metro. I don't know about Loyola, but here are some styles taking over the SGW campus.

The Trade Uniform

You've seen them. The hot art guys who come to class in a mechanic's jumpsuit, creative writing students in a thrifted police button up. Nothing says "I'd rather be doing coke off some girl's art history textbook" than wearing a uniform as casual wear.

The Children's Sweater

I have to admit, I've tried the children's sweater. I just can't pull it off. You know those tight, usually pink, short sleeve sweaters with something like a bunch of hearts or a kitten on them? They look great as long as you have the right pastel-coloured hair and enigmatic energy to pull them off.

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Glasses From the Future

Is it just me or are glasses on their way to becoming completely invisible? Concordia students love clear-framed glasses, which you might think means they're trying to make them less visible. However that doesn't explain why the frames are getting bigger and bigger...and bigger.

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