The Perks of Living Near McGill

It's a good hood!



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The "McGill Ghetto" is sometimes seen as an extension of living in rez, and staying past your first year out of student housing may seem like you're falling behind all of your friends as they move up North and further East. But there's actually a lot worth staying for!

Community Vibe
It seems like everybody you walk past on Prince Arthur Street is exactly your age, and usually they're wearing a McGill sweater. It can be annoying sometimes, but it's also comforting to be around your peers all the time. It will almost start to feel like a sitcom with dozens of recurring characters!

Close to Class
Maybe the biggest perk of living near McGill is that you' right near McGill. Even if you hit snooze a few too many times, you can grab a snack and run out the door, and probably make it to class in under ten minutes. It's a lot easier to drag yourself to that early morning lecture if you don't have to sit on the metro for an hour.

Hidden Gems
There are a lot of great businesses around McGill that you'll definitely want to hit up. There's Paragraphe Libraire and The Word, which are both great book stores. Cafe Humble Lion and My Little Cup are serving up great coffee, and don't forget about McGill Pizzeria! An unbeatable slice.


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