4 Wonderful Off-Leash Dog Parks in Montreal

Your dog deserves to run free



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There’s probably nothing your dog loves more than a chance to run free and get some exercise, especially while cooped up in the winter time. Montreal isn’t known for being a particularly dog-friendly city. Luckily, there are some great dog parks in Montreal, which are the perfect places to get your dog out for a run, and maybe meet some other dog lovers while you’re at it.

Laurier Dog Park - 1059 Saint-Gregoire

Generally a popular park, located in the Mile End, Laurier Park is especially good in the summertime, when there’s a pool and baseball fields. All year, though, there’s a fenced in field where your dog can wear itself out.

William Bowie Park - 4951 Trenholme

The William Bowie Park is located right near Concordia University’s Loyola Campus and it’s great because it has lots of space so that you can run along with your dog and truly get some good exercise.Credit: Its a Canadian Thing

Notre-Dame-de-Grace Dog Run - 5584 Sherbrooke O

This is a pretty busy spot, so if your dog isn’t good with other dogs or gets anxious, it may not be for you. It has a water fountain and is fairly large, too! It’s close to a vet hospital and some pet stores, so you can make it a combo trip. Credit: Max Pixel

Trenholme Park - 2426 Park Row O

Also located near Concordia’s Loyola Campus, Trenholme park is generally a great park, so you can enjoy both the leashed area while also giving your dog a chance to romp it up in the dog area. 




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