3 Cheap and Reliable Montreal Movers

Don’t try to move in an Uber this year



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It’s a fact that Montrealers move incredibly often, but it can be tough to pick who you should hire to move your stuff for you. Pick too expensive of a company and you may find that you’ve spend hundreds more than you had budgeted. On the other hand, go with too cheap of a company and you may find that your stuff gets damaged, lost, or even stolen. Renting a vehicle yourself from U-Haul is probably the cheapest option, but a lot of people are uncomfortable driving a large vehicle.. Here are some cheap and reliable Montreal movers.

Montreal Small Moves

Montreal Small Moves is super affordable and they get the job done. The main guy’s name is Archie and he seems kind of crazy, in a nice way. He’ll send you an all-caps email, and his website says “Moving with muscle the way it’s meant to be!” Nice!

George from Craigslist

There’s this guy called George that you can find on Craigslist, and he is incredible. I did my last move with him and he moved my fridge and stove up an icy outdoor spiral staircase in the snow with hardly any help, plus he’s really friendly and his rates are great.

Perfecto Demenagement

Another Montreal indie moving company that are famous for being affordable, friendly, and reliable, Perfecto are bilingual and speedy. 


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