From Bike Delivery to Business Creation

Chrissy Durcak gives us a glimpse of the journey and the business model


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Sitting in the Dispatch Roastery and Café with founder Chrissy Durcak, I was surprised to learn how simply it all began. In 2012, Durcak was delivering cold-brew coffee in mason jars on a petal bike. That's why the name of her company represents “the literal dispatching. Getting the coffee to you.” Chrissy, a local Montrealer, had been managing various cafés around the city for ten years with no business background but plenty of hands-on experience.

Next came the truck. Durcak snagged it off of Craigslist Vancouver and had it shipped to Montreal, before having it outfitted with an espresso machine. The development of the brand was suddenly in motion, and The Dispatch Coffee Truck began catering for film sets, weddings, and festivals.

In the winter of that same year, Chrissy parked the truck in a garage on Van Horne. Owned by Jason Rrodi, the garage was being used as a multi-purpose space to house all sorts of creative projects. Chrissy pitched to Rrodi the idea of a pop-up café, set directly out of the garage. She plugged in that winter, serving coffee to the neighborhood community. Still, Chrissy had even larger plans for the brand and the expansion.

The McGill Dispatch location opened in September 2014, and the Roastery and Café popped up on St-Zotique in October of the same year. “The project would not have been possible without a whole community of people,” Chrissy added. “It was playfulness and creativity which inspired the truck, and that’s what informed inspiration for the rest of the business model.” Regarding quality, the company was founded on an ethos of excellence in quality of product, customer service and commitment to sustainable economic relations.

Chrissy has now taken on two partners who share her vision: Jordan Crosthwaite is Director of Coffee and Christopher Durning is Head Roaster. With this rapidly-growing brand, I wondered: what’s next? Dispatch is an umbrella covering a number of micro businesses under the same brand, Chrissy explained. The team is excited to launch into wholesale distribution of their coffee beans this May, and they have their summer programs of cold brew and the truck starting up again. They are also working hard on the services they already offer in terms of scaling up sustainability.

Dispatch seeks to get their coffee in the most traceable and close-to-origin way. They wish to apply the business world model to coffee, creating professional careers in the coffee business. Chrissy and her company take coffee seriously and aim to provide the best quality possible - a mandate at which they are succeeding.

Location Info: Dispatch's Roastery location is at 267 St-Zotique O, but you can also find them in McGill's McConnell Engineering Building at 3480 University. The Dispatch Truck will be back, delivering goodness, once the weather properly improves.


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