3 Businesses That Always Seem to Be Hiring in Montreal

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Let's face it. It's not easy to find entry level work. If you add it all up, I've probably spent like a full month scrolling through Craigslist and Kijiji at various times of unemployment. I've noticed a pattern in some businesses that pop up regularly. It might not be a good sign that these places have such high turn-over rates, but if you need a job you need a job! Try these:

Big in Japan

Big in Japan is a restaurant and bar that is usually hiring for multiple positions. They typically want servers and dishwashers. You should have conversational French if you're going to apply, and some experience will definitely help! Rumour has it, the hours aren't so good, so maybe that's why the job is being left behind!

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Vegan Factory Kitchen

There's a "vegan factory kitchen" that is constantly hiring dishwashers under this posting title, and also prep cooks and packers. It's not the most uplifting environment to work long hours in a factory kitchen, but I've had friends who have worked here and they've had no complaints about the employers or coworkers!

Canadian Army

I've almost signed up to join the army reserves at least five times. As far as I can tell, most of the reason more people don't do this is because of the stigma. It seems super scary to commit time to the army, but honestly your job in the reserves is not the same as signing up to be a soldier. Check out one of their information sessions and you might find a really great job!

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