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Make your own banner for any occasion!


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I had a very blank wall that I was looking to fill. One day, while at Anthropology, I spotted some metal initial wall hangings, but because moving day is coming in hot I couldn’t justify buying heavy items to haul around. I’ve always been very into typography, and could not get the “why didn’t I buy it?” blues out of my mind. In a last minute effort to keep myself from dashing back to the mall, I decided I’d just make up a quick placeholder, and ended up really loving the result!

If you’re like me and you prefer to finish a craft or project in one quick sitting, this is the one. These simple banners are perfect for both decorations and celebrations. It’s graduation season, plus nearly mothers day, and there is no shortage of summer celebrations to prepare for! Here’s how you make your own:

Step 1: If you’re not overly confident doing it freehand, choose your font on Word and print off the letters in the size you like.

Step 2: Cut out the letters using scissors or an X-acto knife, and trace the letters onto your paper using a pencil  (ink will bleed out once you begin painting). This project works best if you use watercolour paper.

Step 3: With a paintbrush, brush water over the entire surface that you will be painting.

Step 4: Beginning at the bottom of the letters, paint using a high paint to water ratio. You will use less paint and more water as you move up the letter for the Ombré fade-out look.

Step 5: This step is optional: If you would like your letters to slightly change colour as you reach the top, add a second colour that will mix well, for example I used red and blue to fade into purple.

Step 6: Let it dry! I know, this is the hardest part, but patience is a virtue.

Step 7: Cut out the letters. (Tip: X-acto knives are easier for the letters with closed off sections, such as a ‘B’).

Step 8: Tie the letters along a string (I used yarn). Hang them up, and you’re done!

Make up a quick “MOM” banner, a “GRAD 2015,” or a “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” (that last one might be a little bit ambitious). Surprise your loved ones or decorate your bedroom. Have fun making this easy project, and enjoy admiring it once it’s done! Happy crafting!


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