Is Your Hair Dried Out from the Weather? Try an Avocado-Egg Hair Mask

Repair split ends, make your hair shimmer, and protect from future damage


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Usually when the sun comes out, we get at least one real sunburn before beginning to take the necessary precautions. Then, chastened by Nature, we’ll put on our sunscreen and grab some sunglasses. Still, we never think to protect our hair from harmful rays. In fact, many of us do unnecessary damage by trying to lighten our locks with lemon juice or products like Sun-In. But our hair is taking a serious blow from all this sun damage, and even more so during times of weird weathery upheaval like Montreal is going through right now.

With this easy tutorial, using things you might already have in the house, there’s no more excuse to let your hair suffer! This mask helps repair damage and protect from future damage by moisturizing your dry, lackluster tresses. As a former blonde, who is still paying the price, I swear by this remedy.


1/2 an avocado

2 medium eggs

1 Tablespoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Step 1: When selecting your avocado, you want to choose one that is very ripe so that it is easy to mix with the other ingredients. If you take the little step off the top of the avocado and it is brown underneath, it is typically considered “too ripe.” But for your hair mask it’s perfect.

Step 2: Dice the avocado into small segments while it’s still in the peal before squishing it out of the peel and into the bowl.

Step 3: Using a fork, mix all of the ingredients together. Try to work out as many lumps as possible using the fork or even your hands. A lump-less mixture is simply not attainable, so don’t stress!

Step 4: Cover all of your hair in the mask. Either do this standing in the tub or over the sink so you don’t spill.

Step 5: The longer you can leave the mask on, the better. If I am doing this in the daytime I will leave it for a minimum of half an hour. You can also sleep with the mask on for optimal effects, just lay a towel over your pillow or put a shower cap on your head.

Step 6: Rinse the mask off in the shower, and then wash your hair and condition as usual. Be sure to wash your hair really well to remove all of the oil.

Step 7: If you have time, air-dry for best results.

When I was making this, I was told, “You’re putting food on your head,” by a confused gentleman. Ignore the naysayers: the results speak for themselves!

The process might not look so flattering, but hey! Throw this mask on whenever your get the chance and enjoy your healthy hair for summer.


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