Stop, Drop, and Crop!

Follow these simple instructions to create your own DIY cropped tank top


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Today I’ve made a quick and simple crop-top for spring. Every time I consider buying an article of clothing for spring or summer, memories of that long, painful winter come flooding back and I have trouble justifying the purchase. This little project not only helped me put my winter blues to rest, but also to complete an adorable spring outfit. Get crafty and make your own!

Step 1: Find a simple tank top or t-shirt that you don’t mind altering. If you don’t have one kicking around the house, Costco is always a good option for a pack of plain tanks. If you’d like something a bit more stylish, Garage is a good, Montreal-made choice.

Step 2: Cut tassels all around the tank, reaching up until just under the midpoint of the top. These tassels should be about half an inch each in thickness. Find the sharpest scissors you can. I live with four men, so I was able to use some beard scissors. It worked alarmingly well (don’t tell them). Tip: If it’s windy outside, do this project inside. My shirt blew away on several occasions.

Step 3: Grab two tassels and tie them together using a double knot. Be sure you don’t tie too tightly as you will make the mid-section too tight. Continue tying two tassels that are side-by-side together until you’ve completed a full row of knots along the mid-section of the tank. Tip: It is far easier if you hang up the tank top for this step rather than laying it down. This will keep you from tying the front to the back by accident.

Step 4: Repeat Step 3. Create a second row of knots but make sure to leave space between the first row and this one.

Step 5&6: Repeat this step a third and fourth time.

Step 7: Be sure the bottom row of knots is tied securely before cutting the loose ends off.

Hey, you’re done!

If at any point you love the way the top looks, you can stop and leave it as is! This crop-top looks awesome with so many outfits! A loose jacket and shorts, or a high wasted maxi skirt, for example.

And there you have it: an easy, versatile top for your wearing or gifting pleasure.  


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