Designed in MTL: "Saison Trois"- OTH x Habs Collab

The perfect balance of "sports" and "wear"



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One of the best parts of living in Montreal is all the great local fashion design happening all the time. Coming up next on the calendar is the CH x OTH Saison Trois, the third in a series of collaborations between Off the Hook and The Montreal Canadiens. The drop is scheduled for next Friday, April 7.

The line will feature plenty of unisex clothing and accessories, as well as limited-edition art from Montreal-based artist MEKA. 

One of the things I’m super into about these collections is that it’s a legit wearable Habs collab. You can wear this stuff at the office, or on a low-key night out without looking like the ULTIMATE SPORSTFAN™. My favourite piece is the Heritage Jacket, which is inspired by by the coaches’ jackets from the 1950s. Also, everything is created and made in Canada, which I'm a big ol' sucker for.

Saison Trois will be available from 10am on April 7 at Tricolore Sports and at OTH Boutique @ Hotel William Gray, located at 421 rue Saint-Vincent. Until then you can peep more of the collection on the OTH website.

Cred: Off The Hook


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