STOP EVERYTHING: Montreal is Getting A Harry Potter Bar!

Ever wonder what butter beer would taste like?



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If you’re a die-hard Harry Potter fan, you’ve already heard of Toronto’s overnight sensation Harry Potter themed-bar “Lockhart”. Well you can cancel that trip to TO because Lockhart has announced on Facebook that Montreal is next on the list for their plans to expand.

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There’s no official grand opening date, but Lockhart has confirmed that the Montreal location will be on St Denis just south of Duluth- right between Sherbrooke and Mount Royal metro stations. 

The Toronto location serves all sorts of Harry Potter themed goodies (nighttime style, AND brunch), and hosts regular trivia nights and is decked out in really cool decor. It’s Harry Potter haven, but not in an intensely intimidating way- if you’re not a hardcore fan you can still enjoy the ambiance without feeling like a squib among wizards.

I feel like theme bars sometimes get away with serving a lower quality of food, drink and general vibe but the greatest part about Lockhart is that the standards at the existing location are on par with any other trendy plateau bar- you don't have to be into Harry Potter to appreciate whats going on here, while big-time fans will get all the subtle references and will definitely not be disappointed. 

Cred: Facebook


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