10 of the Most Fcked Up Photos of the Snow Storm in Montreal

Mother Nature is being very unchill



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You may have heard the stories of people sleeping in STM buses, commuters trapped on highway 13 for 12+ (TWELVE PLUS) hours, and other such horror stories. Mother Nature is flipping us off in the middle of March and we have photos to prove it. Here are some of the most fucked up photos from the storm- ranging from kinda beautiful to flat out depressing. 

When you can barely see whats four steps ahead of you. 

Cred: @andrea_zdyb

Looking at this from the comfort of my home, it's actually really pretty. From inside. 

Cred: @ericbranover

Just a casual 3-bus pile up. No big deal. 

Cred: @mister_wouldntuknowit

TBH this plow seems kinda out of its league. 

Cred: @adriana.krolina1

Trapped commuters slept in their cars last night, probably wondering "is this how I die?"

Cred: @icigrandmontreal

Respect to these people for being REALLY dedicated to seeing Passenger. 

Cred: @conspicuousnicolas 

Honestly this is the most die hard thing I think I've ever seen. 

Cred: @yann_p85

That WTF moment...

Cred: @flo_floune

LEGIT. Buried!

Cred: @rab_kha

Visibility at an all time low!

Cred: @a.l.e.x.r.e.e.d_m.t.l


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