A Guide to Cheap Grocery Shopping in Montreal

How to avoid shopping at Metro, IGA, and Maxi



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How you choose to do your grocery shopping can have a big impact on how much money you have for the other areas of your life. Spending a little bit extra on multiple items week after week can turn into the difference between whether you can afford to go out on the weekend or not, so it’s important to do your best to save money at the grocery store. The following stores aren’t exactly the city’s most glamorous, but they’re the best place to cut down on what you’re spending on groceries. 

Sami Fruits - 1505 West Legendre Street 

Sami Fruits has been around since the ‘70s and exists in multiple locations, so there’s probably one within a reasonable distance to you. They’ve got cheap fruits and vegetables in huge quantities.

Segal’s - 4001 Saint Laurent Boulevard

When I first moved to Montreal, I was missing out on Segal’s because of its dingy exterior. Don’t let that dissuade you! Segal’s is a little nasty, but the prices on produce and dried goods cannot be beat. The staff are usually really hungover looking, and are often shouting at each other, and you have to make sure to look for expiration dates, but overall Segal’s is a great grocery experience.

PA Supermarket - 5242 Parc Avenue

If you’re looking for a slightly more upscale version of Segal’s, PA is your spot. The prices are almost as low, but the store is more spacious and clean, and the shoppers seem to be in better moods. As a bonus, there is a smaller, health food version of the store just down the road if that’s what you’re into. 

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More tips: The website www.supermarches.ca/epicerie.asp has a searchable database of sales at the city’s major chain grocery stores, so you can research before you go and make sure you’re getting great deals at some of the more expensive stores. Markets like Jean Talon are a great place to get fresh local produce, but go early in the week to avoid the tourists and inflated prices. Finally, if you’re looking for specialty foods, head to a store that specializes in that kind of food. For example, if you’re looking for corn tortillas, head to a store that specializes in Mexican food. Happy savings!


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