The 5 Guys You're Sure to See in the Mile End

We’ve all seen ‘em!



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The Mile End is a great place. It’s got good eats, good tunes, good coffee, great bars, and nice shops. However, when you spend a lot of time in the Mile End, you start to notice that a whole lot of the guys look really similar to each other. I’ve broken them down into five categories, here we go. 

Tall, Serious Hipster with Glasses

This man is very tall, and to him nothing is very funny. If someone yells an absurd phrase or a squirrel is running down the street with a Spongebob toy in its mouth, neither of these things would be funny to such a man. This man likes to have expensive frames to his glasses, and he likes to wear nice jeans, but his life is serious. 

Cinema-Loving Man with a Beard

This man is very happy that they show 35mm films at Bar le Ritz now, because he loves old foreign movies with subtitles and he loves to watch these movies in an analog format. Sometimes he will see a movie with a guy with a beard in it and he will be overjoyed. 

Bicycle Boy

This man loves his bicycle and is thinking about it all the time. When he gets home, he gives his bicycle a small clean before heading inside, and he always makes sure his bicycle is in tip-top shape. He will tuck his jeans into his socks so they don’t get stuck in the chain. 

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Poetry Man

This man is often carrying a little notebook around to write down a beautiful metaphor inspired by day to day life in the Mile End. Once his poems are complete, perhaps he will read them at a local poetry night for fellow poetry lovers to enjoy.

Ubisoft Guy

This man works at Ubisoft and likes to eat at restaurants around Ubisoft on his lunch break or after work. He always wanted to work on video games and now he does, so you could say his life is going pretty well. 

Cred: Pexels


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