7 Mac N' Cheese Dishes To Try at Montreal Mac N' Cheese Week

A whole week of cheesy goodness



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Ready or not, Mac N' Cheese Week is on its way to Montreal! From April 3-10, Montrealers will have the chance to order the ultimate cheese dreams from over thirty participating Montreal restaurants from all over the city. 

Each restaurant is serving up their own take on the timeless cheesy classic and you really can’t go wrong. Here’s a tasting platter of what will be in store next week and where you can dig in to these unreal mac n' cheese sensations!

Grumman 78’ - 630 rue de Courcelle

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This breaded cheese ball is mac n' cheese hall of fame worthy!

SuWu- 3581 St Laurent boul

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Noodles in a sandwich- there are no rules here, people!!

The Cheese- 5976 Monkland ave

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Seeing as these guys are the foudning fathers of Mac N' Cheese week, you've gotta add this spot to your hit list. 

Les Enfants Terribles- multiple locations

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Sometimes all it takes to bring it to the next level is a little (or a lot) of bacon. 

Randolph- 2041 St Denis 

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It's like a meatball sub meets mac n' cheese free for all here, folks. 

Le Gras Dur- 1660 Jarry E

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It's honestly a thing of beauty!

El Gordo- 2518 Notre Dame W

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Known for their delicious Mexican dishes, it's no wonder you'll be able to get your mac n' cheese in a crispy tortilla here!


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