How to Survive your Dishwashing Job in Montreal

Washing dishes doesn’t have to ruin your life



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Many young people in Montreal, particularly anglophones who aren’t qualified for any kind of a customer service job that involves interacting with customers, have to get a dishwashing job at some point. As far as minimum wage employment goes, dishwashing has got to be one of the worst jobs out there. You stand in a hot kitchen, inhaling the fumes from detergents all day. Your clothes get kind of wet and permanently smell like grease, and your hands get pruny. You pretty much stand in the same little area for your entire shift, except when you have to lift something or put something away. It’s rough! Using these tips, you can make your life as a dishwasher a little easier.

Wear gloves!

Many dishwashers seem to not to want to wear gloves, because they make your hands feel clumsy and it’s annoying to wear gloves all day. Fair enough! But if you wear the thin latex ones and change them often, you can avoid getting pruny hands and keep from having to touch soggy food in the sink. 

Work somewhere that offers free meals

Some places do and some places don’t. This is a big deal, don’t wash dishes somewhere that doesn’t feed its dishwashers for free. Eating a free meal will give you a break from washing, and everyone feels a little better when they are full. Plus, it’ll stop you from having to stop somewhere after work to get food. 

Work somewhere that pays tips to everyone

This is another thing that not all kitchens do, but they should. Ask in your job interview what their policy on tipping is, and if every kitchen staff member doesn’t get a share, work somewhere else. A person who is cleaning a plate should be entitled to tips as much as a person who clears plates and refills glasses of water for customers should be. A tip-out of only $10 per night could cover your phone bill or pay for some of your groceries, so it’s worth it to ask. 

Come up with mental games to play

A big problem with dishwashing is that it is extremely boring, which often puts people in a bad mood. The repetitive job of washing the same dishes over and over again leads to repetitive thoughts, which leads to frustration. Try to avoid this by coming up with little games to play in your head, like remembering all the countries in Africa, or coming up with three animals with a name starting with each letter of the alphabet. 

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