3 Dudes You'll Definitely See at Concordia

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It’s not good to stereotype, but somehow, if you’re riding the metro and you’re on the green line, you can always look around and tell which dudes are going to be getting off at Concordia. There is a certain spirit and a certain look that unite the Concordia bro, no matter how different they may seem from one another. Here are some lads you’re guaranteed to see if you spend any time at Concordia. 

Just Transferred From McGill

Ah damnit, man, I’m sorry. McGill is so hard, I get it, we all have to reevaluate our circumstances and make adjustments sometimes. The McGill transfer guy is humble; he has been brought down to earth, but is making the best of things now. 

Business Dudes Striking Deals

These guys really stand out when you see them, because Concordia’s population is generally pretty calm and casually dressed. But sometimes a business dude is in the lobby of a building, wearing a suit, wearing some new looking shoes, really yelling at his business bro about a sweet scheme. 

Artistic First Year

This guy is easily the jolliest of all Concordia dudes. He just got started, and he’s so pumped about all the artistic people he’s meeting! Holy crap, there’s a course he’s taking where you tap on coconuts and record it back to cats and test their reactions. This guy is often talking loudly to his friend about an art instillation, and he’s loving life.


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