5 Easy Classes at McGill to Boost Your GPA

We all need some cushion classes.



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If you’ve flopped on a few exams and generally dropped the ball in some of your courses, youre probably looking for a way to get your GPA back on track, especially if youre thinking of applying to grad school.

Elitists like to say that McGill has no bird courses and that if your grades suck you should just transfer to Concordia. But of course this isnt true, there are some classes at McGill that are insanely easy and here they are.

Any Language You Already Know

This is a super disingenuous move, but if you already know another language, McGill doesnt do placement tests for languages outside of French, so you can use your skills to get an easy A with minimal language.

MUAR 392 - Popular Music After 1945

The only 300-level course on this list, but its still an easy one to get an A in, as all the concepts are well-explained and fleshed out and all youve got to do is reproduce them at exam time.

ATOC 185 - Natural Disasters

This is such an infamous easy class, it even has a cute nickname: Natty Ds.

SOCI 250 - Social Problems

This is a class that is particularly easy because the profs are known to point out specifically which part of the readings youll be tested on for your exam.

MUAR 211 - Art of Listening

It doesn’t sound like a hard class and it isn’t, and as a bonus youll develop some simple critical and musical skills that will enhance your life, probably. You have to go to a couple concerts and write reports, and aside from that the tests are super straight forward. 


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