Notre-Dame Basilica's Unreal Indoor Light Show Opens Tonight

The cathedral like you've never seen it before



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Now’s your chance to experience Montreal’s Notre-Dame Basilica in a way you’ve never seen it before: illuminated from the inside. Starting tonight, and carrying on with evening exhibitions throughout the coming month, AURA, an immersive light installation will be taking place in the Basilica. 


Highlights shown here are all captured from promotional footage released by the installation's creators at Moment Factory. The video of AURA is pretty amazing, showing beautiful light patterns displayed on the walls, ceilings and all over the ornate cathedral. It’s a way to experience the Gothic monument like never before.


The program lasts about an hour, and is an immersive symphony of sight, architecture and orchestral sound. Tickets for adults are 23$, while students under 22 can get in for 17$! Thats like, less than a couple beers and an Uber home. 


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