You Can Travel Anywhere in Canada for $150 This Summer




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Got family out West? Always wanted to see the maritimes? Well hold on to your freaking hats, people- VIA Rail has announced unlimited travel within Canada for $150 for the month of July. The Canada 150 Youth Pass Fare is available to people ages 12-25 and you can literally go anywhere in the country, as often as you want between July 1-31. 

The pass is only valid for economy class, but hey, if you’re between 12-25 you were probably not booking $200 business class tickets- right?

Due to high demand, the website where you can purchase the Canada 150 Youth Pass is currently having some trouble so we'll all just have to keep checking back throughout the day in order to buy passes. 

Keep checking back for more info- now’s the time to make this the summer of a lifetime!

Cred: VIA Rail


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