This Easter Weekend Brunch/Spa Package is Exactly What You Need

It doesn't get better than brunch and a spa



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If you’re like me, you might not have known that this weekend is Easter weekend. In fact, it wasn’t until all my friends started announcing their plans to head home for the weekend that I realized it’s Easter. But joke’s on everyone who’s flying the coop to see family because this Friday and Saturday in Montreal you can enjoy a relaxing brunch on a boat, plus a decadent spa day.

Bota Bota, our very favourite floating spa in the Old Port, is offering an Easter Brunch and Spa Package this Friday and Saturday, April 16 and 17. It’s $80 per person, which kinda sounds expensive, but considering everything thats included it’s actually a pretty decent price. And whats a long weekend for if not pampering yourself a bit?

Included in admission is access to the spa’s Nordic water circuit as well as a full brunch; your choice of mushroom flan, pulled ham grilled cheese or french pancakes served with a fresh fruit platter and mimosa (of course). 

But whats all this got to do with Easter? Well, besides just being an all-around lovely thing to do, there will also be easter eggs scattered across the facilities for guests to discover, with more than $2000 worth of prizes to be gifted to spa-goers. 

Bottom line: you don’t have to get out of the city to enjoy the long weekend. Reserve your spot here to participate in the ultimate relaxing Easter Brunch and Spa Package this weekend. 

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