10 Photos from The Melting Pot Block Party

See What You Missed, but don't Worry You Have Until July 30th!



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Photo cred –
Grace Wasilewska

Here are 15 photos of The Melting Pot Block Party at la Place des Arts.

At The Melting Pot Block Party you can enjoy a nice cold beer and dance to great Djs.Credit: Grace Wasilewska

Here's Donald Lauture warming up the crowd.Credit: Grace Wasilewska

Freakeyz perfoming on stage.Credit: Grace Wasilewska

They had so much energy while perfoming.

Credit: Grace Wasilewska

Paris (on the left) from Paris & Simo having a drink backstage.Credit: Grace Wasilewska

With the nice weather, it's no surprise it got crowded really fast. Let's not forget all the amasing Dj's that were performing.Credit: Grace Wasilewska

Michael Brun taking a selfie with all the people dancing to his music.Credit: Grace Wasilewska

Judging by this photo, the crowd was having a great time.Credit: Grace Wasilewska

Micheal Brun representing his country with the haitian flag.Credit: Grace Wasilewska

That smile says it all! Credit: Grace Wasilewska


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